About Me

I’m an author and a gamer.

I’ve been playing video and computer games since I was a kid. I started with the NES, playing Super Mario Bros. and trying to shoot that damn dog in Duck Hunt. Spoilers: he can’t be killed, no matter how annoying he gets when he laughs at you.

These days, I love playing realistic games. My most recently played games on Steam usually look like this: Project Zomboid, Dead Rising, State of Decay. I also like Dead by Daylight and 7 Days to Die. And, well, World War Z is on Epic Games, but I play that too.

As a reader and someone who loves movies, I really love it when it’s realistic. it gives me that sense that this could really happen. And that’s where the magic is, for me—when I feel like this could happen, right now. Or at the very least, I feel like I understand how we got there. I’m a big fan of detailed and intricate worldbuilding. Some of my inspirations include Star Wars, The Matrix, and World War Z.