I’m only beginning my journey as a writer, and I have to ask myself: who am I writing for, and why?

Why I write

I guess I write because I enjoy the craft of narrative. I like to entertain people at the same time that I can show how people can improve their lives. I realized the transformative power of stories. Whether they’re fiction or non-fiction, stories can help us reflect on ourselves. They can change the way we think. And what I want is to help people grow. Lofty, I know… But I guess that I also write for myself. As a way to create something and organize my own inner life.

Who I write for

I really just write for myself, which means that my writing is going to attract people like myself. As a reader or consumer of media, I love it when I can really connect with the characters. I don’t like perfect people, because perfect people don’t exist. I’m not that much into fantasy because it’s too far-fetched. And when it’s too far from reality, I can’t connect, and that means I can’t learn or grow from it.

What the future holds

I’m just starting my journey as a writer, so I hope to be able to find my audience. Here’s to connecting with like-minded folks!

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